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John C. Chamberlin | Quilt Art | Now Through February 2021

John C. Chamberlin is a retired full-time faculty member of the Department of Teaching + Learning in Art + Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). During the thirty-one years at RISD he held numerous leadership positions in art and design education, locally, regionally, and nationally, such as President, RI Art Education Association.

While primarily an academic, John has always had a studio practice. For decades he was a ceramic tile maker, creating and installing handmade custom tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and on fireplaces for clients in Rhode Island.

Several years ago John learned how to quilt and has created more than sixty (60) pieces that have been donated to Child Family Services of RI. John works with a national non-profit, MY VERY OWN BLANKET, headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, who has the formal relationship with Child Family Services (CFS) of RI. CFS distributes the quilts to foster children and youth. John is also the director of the Quilting Ministry at Grace Episcopal Church, Providence.

The quilt exhibition at the Greenville Library are all baby size, anywhere from 35”x35” to 39”x39”. Most are gender neutral and in bold colors. The idea with this size is to have each quilt function initially as a comforter and then be repurposed as a wall hanging remembrance as the child ages.

For inquiries on his work, John may be reached at 401-598-6489 or

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