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Nancy Turbitt | Art Quilts | April 1st - 30th

The Greenville Public Library will host the work of local quilt artist, Nancy Turbitt, for the months of April and May.

Nancy graduated college with a BA in fine art, having spent time painting and printing. Although proficient in traditional medium it wasn't until the 1990s that she began experimenting with fiber as a tapestry artist and then in 1995 with quilting and fabrics.

Nancy's first studio was in Monohasset Mills in Providence, RI for five years and it was there that she coined her studio name of Girasole, which means sunflower in Italian. In 2012 she retired from her management position in retail sales to pursue her art full time. She has exhibited internationally, curated juried exhibitions, has won awards including Best of Show, published articles and has been an active member of Studio Art Quilt Associates since 2009.

From Turbitt’s artist statement: “My designs are created first with line drawings rendered in response to either my own photograph or to an idea that comes to me from dreaming or meditation. The excitement of creating each work comes from choosing the fabrics to flesh out the line design. I am a lover of intense, bold colors and use my strong sense of color theory to impart a unique style to my work. Stitching defines and punctuates while lending structural integrity. My work takes long hours to complete which is perfect for contemplating. Knowing when to stop creating and viewing a piece as complete has been often as difficult as getting it started, however, in some ways the art informs me when its unique story is told and that is as it should be”.

To view more of Nancy Turbitt’s work, find her on Facebook (@StudioGirasole).

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